Current Series


Ruta Matuleviciute is a Lithuanian painter and interdisciplinary artist creating magical utopian fairytale.


Matuleviciute’s surreal and magical realism paintings and is highly inspired by the Baltic and Ancient Lithuanian lore as well as comparative cultural studies.


The artist is the most important tool for art.

Ruta Matuleviciute’s method is consciousness-based creation which means that the artist emphasizes the importance of self-development. The artist is not separate from their art.

The Luck Bringer 90x70cm, oil on canvas, 2023

Long ago, in the land that existed no further than your feet stand right now

everyone lived together with nature.

On early mornings and afternoons you could enjoy multiple rainbows

It was a sign, a divine gift.

Grass snakes were welcomed to people's homes and fed milk.
In gratitude, the snakes blessed their homes with happiness and abundance.
If you came to meet the Snake King, you would be lucky for the rest of your life.

During Midsummer's Eve, the bravest one could find a Fern Blossom in the forest dark.

If you could return home without looking back, you would gain the knowledge of the entire world.
At any time of the day, when you took a walk, every leaf of grass was singing.

Everyone lived with compassion.

Everyone enjoyed blissful days.
Every wish was fulfilled in a blink of an eye

because every wish was in accordance with nature.

People enjoyed their lives for thousands of years.

In the land that was no further than your feet stand right now.